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Best food for cats : 2022

Best food for cats 2022

In the past there were only a few types of food from well-known manufacturers such as Whiskas, Felix, Sheba or Kitekat on the cat food market. Nowadays there are different types of cat food from countless manufacturers. It is difficult to keep track of such an enormous selection.

In addition to the enormous selection, there are also a number of types of food such as grain-free cat food, cold-pressed cat food or even hypoallergenic cat food. Basically, cat food is divided into two main categories, namely wet food and dry food. However, it should be noted that there is kitten, adult and senior food. As you can see, cat food is not just cat food and there are many factors to consider.

Ultimately, it is impossible to identify the best cat food due to the many factors that need to be considered. What is possible, however, is to find a suitable type of food that meets the individual needs of your cat. In our cat food test, we would therefore like to introduce you to the most popular types of food. Below you will find our personal cat food test winners.

Best food for cats : 2022

Which criteria are decisive for high-quality cat food?

A good cat food must meet different criteria. The high proportion of meat is very important, because cats are pure carnivores (flesh eaters) in their wild nature. But a lot of meat is not necessarily decisive, the quality is much more important here. A type of food should only have high-quality meats. Including e.g. B. muscle meat or valuable offal. It is best if the meat content is made without animal by-products. However, if these are included, they should be declared in detail. Furthermore, the rest of the composition counts, this should be without sugar, soy or gluten. A high-quality cat food also does not contain any grain, as this is usually used as a cheap filler. Grains in cat food are often a trigger for allergies or food intolerances. The food should also be tailored to the needs of the cat. This includes the nutritional additives. The analytical components should also have good values. A transparent declaration is also very important, because the more honest the declaration, the higher the quality of the cat food.

Points that make up the high quality summarized:

lots of high-quality meat (at least 50%)

no unnecessary fillers

no slaughterhouse waste

no vegetable by-products

100% grain free

without dairy products, soy or wheat

without sugar, glucose, dextrose, sorbitol or beet pulp


without flavor enhancers

without animal meal or feather meal

without artificial aromas, colors, attractants and preservatives

is low in carbohydrates

has a high protein content

has as few binders as possible

has an honest and transparent declaration

has a high level of acceptance and good tolerability

the raw ash content should be a maximum of 1.5 – 2%

covers the individual needs of a cat

Good cat food list

Best food for cats : 2022

Since we have been cat owners ourselves for a number of years and have tested many types of cat food in the past, we would like to introduce you to types of food that have convinced us personally. Among them are only types of food that we believe meet the criteria for good cat food. We can say in advance that these are not the most well-known types of feed, but rather products that may also be a little less known. This includes both dry food and wet food varieties. 

Only types of feed that have a high meat content are listed in the list. In addition, these are cat food products that contain as few or no additives as possible. In addition, most types of food are grain-free, sugar-free, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. All types of food were able to convince in the practical test and have mostly positive customer reviews on Amazon and Co. Accordingly, these types of food were also among our personal test winners.

Best food for cats : 2022

Wet or dry food?

There are both high-quality wet and dry food types, which is why owners often ask themselves which method is actually the better alternative. In the end it’s black 

Finding the right cat accessories: what is necessary and what is less?

In addition to countless types of cat food, there are of course a lot of different cat accessories. At this point at the latest, many owners ask themselves the question “what is necessary and what is less”. This question is not so easy to answer in general, because the answer is rather relative. Anyone who wants to pamper their cat naturally has a large selection in the huge range of cat accessories. Anyone who only considers what is necessary to be useful can limit themselves exclusively to that. Since we have personally been cat owners for several years, we have also tested a wide variety of products ourselves during this period. Including e.g. B. drinking fountains, automatic feeders or a wide variety of scratching posts.

If we limit ourselves to the essentials, a good cat litter is at the top of the list. Of course, this should not be missing in house cats. A scratching post in the apartment is very important for cats that are not outdoors. In our opinion, a feeding bowl is also one of the basics. Of course, conventional bowls can also be used, but we think that a feeding bowl is definitely more suitable. Since this is only a few euros, you should not save at the wrong end here. Otherwise, a little cat toy should not be missing either. Of course, a suitable litter box is also high on the shopping list.

Best food for cats : 2022

If you want to offer your cat a cozy retreat, you can of course use a cat bed. There is a large selection of different variations. However, we have to mention that not every cat necessarily prefers a cat bed, but rather chooses a comfortable place in the apartment for itself. That’s why we don’t necessarily count the cat bed as a “must have” among cat accessories. Since these do not cost too much either, everyone should decide for themselves.

Finally, we come to “luxury accessories” such as B. drinking fountains or automatic feeders. In our opinion, this accessory is really helpful and practical, but not absolutely necessary. Especially when it comes to drinking fountains or automatic feeders, opinions are divided, as these are usually a bit more expensive. Personally, we don’t use an automatic feeder, but we do use a drinking fountain and wouldn’t want to do without it again. Our cats tend to drink less and with the drinking fountain we were able to solve this problem a little. The water feature encourages the two house tigers to drink. Nevertheless, the decision should also be made here yourself.